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F. Parker Jones III

Parker Jones entered private practice in 2006.  The practice has had a significant emphasis on criminal defense, domestic litigation and personal injury.  He has have served on many occasions as Special Judge in our District Court setting bonds for defendants on their first appearance before a magistrate and on a couple of occasions as Special Judge in Circuit Court.  Prior to becoming an attorney, He worked as a Law Clerk in the Criminal Appeals Division of the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2003 from the University of Central Arkansas before attending the Bowen School of Law in Little Rock.  
He has experience from all perspectives of the criminal justice system.  He has represented defendants in some of the most serious of crimes and punishments--including the death penalty, submitted briefs before the Arkansas Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Arkansas, and sat as Special Judge in our District and Circuit Courts for criminal matters, civil, domestic and juvenile cases.  He unique perspective is underscored by his knowledge of the criminal code, case law and rules of criminal procedure.

He has seen how our criminal laws impact defendants, victims and our community first hand.  He has promised to ensure that the laws will be applied equally and fairly to everyone.  The unique nature of his experience, along with his leadership, knowledge of the criminal justice system, and a sterling reputation for honesty, courage and wisdom allow him to be an effective advocate.